Convivium Coworking is CLOSED, but coworking is alive and well in Albuquerque!

Please visit the other coworking spaces in Albuquerque to see which one is right for you! Go to for a directory of spaces.

Why did Convivium close?

Convivium Coworking was one of the first coworking spaces to open in Albuquerque and in many ways the most successful coworking community in town. However, in our enthusiasm for the concept, we over estimated the market for coworking here, and weren't able to make it financially viable. Shortly after we opened, four other coworking spaces opened, and later, two more. The already slim market became flooded. The main reason we opened Convivium was so that we could cowork, and now there are plenty of coworking options, so we decided to close our location and join the others. As you visit the other spaces, you'll find former Convivium members happily coworking, since once you discover the joy of coworking, you'll never want to give it up.

Thanks for all your support and participation during our almost three years as a coworking community! We believe our efforts in educating Albuquerque about coworking and modeling the values of community and collaboration are paying off in many ways. Partnerships, connections and friendships formed at Convivium are thriving. Coworking is now in the mainstream vocabulary of Albuquerque, and more people are recognizing the value of belonging to a coworking community than ever before.